3 Kenya Safari Experiences for Families

Follow the Migration on a Kenya Safari

Among the most remarkable experiences offered for households on a Kenya, safari is seeing the yearly wildebeest migration. The migration of over 2 million wildebeest, zebra, and Thomson gazelle is the biggest of its key in the world and a genuinely stunning phenomenon. The migration happens every year in between the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti in Tanzania where these monsters start an impressive journey looking for fresh water and grazing. The best time to take a Kenya safari if you wish to belong to the migration is throughout July and October. Along the way the animals deal with many obstacles; the Mara River being one and starving predators being another. Lions and hyena can be seen in packs wanting to single out the weak and get their next meal. There are a variety of family-friendly camps and lodges located in the Masai Mara that are placed to make the most from the wildebeest migration and among the best methods to follow the herds carefully is by remaining in a mobile camp that moves as the migration does. Morning game drives, strolling safaris, horseback safaris and hot air balloon trips are also offered.

Meet the Masai

Aside from Kenya's natural charm and vibrant wildlife, the culture is what makes this nation distinct. There are over 40 people in Kenya but the well-known of them all is the Masai people. Known for their unique red dress and distinct way of life, the Masai people can be checked out whilst on a Kenya safari. This experience offers you and your family the possibility to meet local Masai people, discover their lives and get included with bush abilities and craft making activities. You will learn the best ways to develop bush camps, use a weapon and relax the campfire paying attention to stories that have been gone through the land for centuries. This is a terrific addition to a Kenya safari and something each family member will treasure for several years to come.

Unwind on the Coast After a Kenya Safari

After all the action and wilderness of a Kenya safari, why not conclude your vacation on the Kenya Coast? Unwind on the beautiful beaches as your kids swim in the clear blue seas and try the interesting water sports available, or take a historical journey to among the ancient islands on the shoreline. There are a lot of elegant hotels that cater to households or large rental properties that supply family suites by yourself personal stretch of beach. The Kenyan Coast is a must if you're trying to find peace and serenity after a Kenya safari vacation.